Booking Terms

Deposit Policy: The hotel will charge 25% of the total amount at the time of booking .

Cancellation Policy: If canceled or modified up to 2 days before date of arrival, will be charged 25% of the entire stay.
If canceled or modified later or no-show, the entire stay will be charged.

This rent includes all the expenses, electricity, water, tax and final cleaning. The owner will provide new towels and bed linen.

Check-in made ​​after 20:00 will have an extra charge of 30 €.

The deposit is 200€ (as foreseen in art.36 of the LAU).

The tenant is obliged to conserve the house in perfect conditions during the term freely agreed between both parties. The tenant must observe the security rules of the apartment. The doors must be closed with the security key in all the apartments. All valuables or money must not be left unattended. The management will not take any charge. The tenant may not perform disturbing, unhealthy, noxious, hazardous, illicit acts, or those that breach the rules of the neigbours’ Association on the premises. Nor may flammable, explosive or corrosive materials be stored in the home and/or mercantile or industrial activities be performed.

The tenant shall be directly and exclusively responsible and waives the owner of all responsibility for:
1. Damages that may be caused to persons or property derived for the bad use of the house.
2. Damages, deterioration or loss caused in the house.
3. Improper use of common facilities of the house ( parking, swimming-pool…).

The tenant may not perform building work, nor make any modifications al all without the written permission of the landlord. Under no circumstances may the walls be drilled or holed.

The owner shall maintain the supplies of water, electricity, gas, etcup to date with payment and in full operation, as well as the insurance of the house up to date. In the event of disturbances occurring in the apartment, and LIKE APARTMENTS be required by the rest of the owners for any inconvenience caused, the contract will be resolved automatically, should the tenant leave the apartment in the same condition as they found it, and losing the total income paid in rent, and the damage as penalty concept. The not abandoned by the tenant of the apartment, will result in appropriate legal action.